Sports Center


Sports Center

Chengdu Jintang Hengda Hotel has the biggest Sports Center in Midwest of China. The Sports Center of 21,600sqm is equipped with multiple sports venues, such as Olympic standard swimming pool, professional tennis hall, badminton hall, table tennis hall and basketball center. Over 60 kinds of imported sports facilities and a team personal coaches who are always at your service.

A 25m*50m thermostatic swimming pool, which was built in accordance with the international standard, occupies 3,000sqm in the Sports Center. With 6-10 professional swimming coaches on duty, your safety and health are surely guaranteed.

Yoga, Pilate, Aerobics—the Sports Center offers you dozens of gym classes, helping you build your body shape. The comfortable and nice Basketball Court, Tennis Court, Badminton Court and Table tennis Hall guarantee your exercise on both sunny or rainy days.

Fitness area occupies 2,000sqm and is equipped with sports facilities from the world’s top brand. Approved by the Evergrande sports training center, every coach fairly guarantees your fitness.