• Culinary Styles:sichuan food; cantonese food
  • Address:right of the lobby
  • Operating Hours:lunch:11:30-14:00;dinner:17:30-21:00
  • Reservations:028-8458 8888转6788

Royal Land Chinese Restaurant

The restaurant is run by the excellent chefs from all over the country, especially from Sichuan province and Guangdong province. The restaurant provides lunch and dinner, mainly including the fine cuisine of Sichuan flavours, with a variety of fresh local fish and seafood, and Cantonese cuisine at a fair price. Special priced menus are provided for touring and meeting groups, and new dishes are always launched according to the change of seasons and consumers’ demand regularly. For the compartments, the well-known master will provide you with exquisite Sichuan and Cantonese cuisine, including bird's nest, shark fins, sea ear, seafood and fresh fish, and other kinds of fashionable foods, in combination with the local flavour dishes and game.