Steamed Fish Head with Chopped Pepper  RMB 198 for one


Fried abalone with oat and pumpkin     RMB 98 for one 


Kung Pao Silver cod   RMB 138 for one 


Cantonese crystal shrimp ravioli   RMB 38 for one 

Whispering   RMB 48 for one  


Streamed Goose Covered by Lotus Leaves with Soybean Sauce

Characters:Freshness of lotus leaves and aroma of soybean sauce give the goose a gorgeous taste

Kung Pao Beef Granules

Characters:Cantonese ingredients cooked in Sichuan Cuisine Style, taste sweet and sour with a unique lychee flavour

Stir Fired Sea Whelks

Characters:Innovative Sichuan dish with aromatic flavour and attractive appearance

Minced Chicken Soup

Characters:The minced chicken looks like tofu and tastes tender and smooth

Prime Rib Tibetan Style

Characters:Innovative Sichuan dish with a strong sauce flavour

Braised Sea Cucumber with Bamboo Charcoal

Characters:The Sea Cucumber contains a fragrant flavour of bamboo and tastes tender and smooth

Abalone Slices in Scallion Oil with Oats and Pumpkin

Characters:Various flavours in one dish, which is innovative and healthy

Stewed Bamboo Bird's Nest

Characters:Soft and smooth, plenty of protein and nutrition